Stand-Up Paddleboards for Southeast Alaska
SUP: Stand up Paddleboarding, (or Paddlesurfing) is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities that
has been spreading around the globe in the past 6 years. We have been sharing that stoke here in
S.E. Alaska since the Spring of 2011, and look forward to helping more people get out and experience
what it is all about. Regardless of your age, being on a board will leave you with a smile every time!

While its roots are Hawaiian, and most of the imagery that comes to mind involves palm trees, sunny
skies, and crystal blue water, all that is required is a body of water, and the willingness to challenge
yourself. In doing so, you will improve your balance and can get a great form of core exercise that is
low-impact, and fun. The boards are lightweight, bouyant, and stable, which lead to a very fast
learning curve. Your skills will improve every time you go out, and as you spend more time on the

Since we have a shortage of sandy beaches around here, finding the right boards that will stand up
our rugged conditions was the primary consideration in the goal of bringing SUP to our waters.
SUP-Southeast is proud to be the official dealer for  
BIC, and NAISH Paddleboards. These brands
have boards that cover the spectrum of SUP, and were chosen for their durability and value, to give
you the best possible experience on the water. For the past
2 years, we have also been the Alaskan
dealer for
S.I.C., and are stoked to be offering these great, open water boards too.

We will gladly arrange to ship boards farther North, and if you don't see what you want in stock,
please use the e-mail link below, or call us with any questions you have. Thank you!

Wonder what the Ketchikan area looks like? Use the paddle-KTN link to see pictures and video taken
around here.
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