NAISH MANA Soft-Top 10'
Mana 10’0’’ Soft Top

Featuring the same shape as the Mana 10’0’’ and Mana 10’0’’ AST, the soft top/ slick bottom construction
offers everything a beginner needs. The embossed deck area provides sufficient grip and is very skin friendly.
The 3D rail protection makes this model resilient against damage caused by the paddle or any other hard
objects. The slick bottom and soft fins provide additional safety for the rider and their surroundings. All of the
protective features make the Mana 10’0’’ Soft Top the ideal choice for river runs as well.

* 10’0” x 32” x 4 ¾”, 210L
* Construction: EPS Foam, fiberglass, wood reinforcement with Soft Top/Slick Bottom
* Fin Set-up: 2+1
* Weight:  31 lbs
Very fun, easy board to paddle, and extremely durable with the foam top, and
ding-resistant bottom skin. It is very maneuverable thanks to the width and generous
rocker, and it begs to surf any wave. The short length adds to ease of transporting
and storage, making it an ideal first board that can be used in a variety of
conditions, without the fear of damage from bumping into everyday objects.
2011 model shown below, 2012 has new graphics.
Soft-Top Construction
2012 MANA Soft-Top price: $ 1,199.00.
Complete package with Naish Aluminum Sport paddle
and leash:
             In stock,
Dec. 5th, 2014.