NAISH Hokua 11'6" Gun
A warehouse score has dropped some of the last known 11'6" Hokua Boards in our
inventory. These beautiful, big-wave boards are 2011 models, and the model was
dropped from the Naish line-up after 2012.  Although designed for riding mountains,  
the board can be used for all around paddling and downwinding. While the 143 liter
volume is enough to float a 200 lb person with good balance, it may be better suited
towards lighter paddlers for general use. Boards come with a 9" fin and bag.
* 11'6” x 28-1/4” x 4 ½”, 143L.
* Construction: wood/Epoxy
* Fin Set-up: Single.  Weight
23 lbs.
While the original list on the 2011 boards was
.00, and the 2012's were priced at
$2,099.00, we have
1 available for $1,200.00.

       In stock, Dec. 5th, 2014.