Along with the light weight and superior design, the Ke Nalu paddles feature an exclusive option found no where else: the
ability to change components with nothing other than a hair dryer! The shaft ends, handle and blade have all been
engineered to be sealed into place with hot glue. Not only is this strong and water-tight, but allows a change to another blade
size, or hand grip in just a few minutes. Height adjustments and fine-tuning are now a quick, simple process.
The paddles are available in
Elite construction, which have a full Carbon blade and shaft, with the lightest weight. The xTuf,
model has a blade made from reinforced fiberglass, and a carbon shaft. While carbon fiber is stronger and more rigid,
high-density fiberglass withstands impact better, which can be a benefit around rocks. The weight difference is only a few
ounces, and the xTuf is still a very lightweight paddle. Both types are the same size, and all parts are interchangeable.
The 3 blades sizes are:
The Molokai: 9" x 17", and 105 Sq.inches.
The Elite Molokai blade offers great catch,
tremendous power, and astonishingly low weight. The
3K Twill Carbon and structurally advanced design
enable us to make a 105 sq inch blade that weighs
only 250 grams (8.6 ounces). This is our most
efficient blade, ideal for power surfers, downwinding,
and racing for larger paddlers or any paddler that can
manage their cadence. Paddlers with a naturally high
cadence may find the Molokai overwhelming.          

-The Maliko: 8.5" x 16", and 95 sq.inches.
The Maliko is our most popular blade size, a happy
medium between the quick cadence of the Wiki and
the massive catch of the Molokai. At 230 grams (8
ounces) the Elite Maliko's a featherweight, but our
advanced structural and hydrodynamic design makes
it both strong and efficient.

- The Wiki: 8" x 15", and 84 sq. inches.
The Elite Wiki is the lightest paddle blade available. At
just 177 grams (6.2 ounces) it's a high-cadence,
ultra-low swing weight masterpiece. And yet it has all
the structural strength and advanced hydrodynamic
features of our larger blades.
      Molokai                           Maliko                               Wiki
The Elite shafts are made of prepreg 3K Twill
Carbon Fiber in a smaller diameter than is typical and
are tapered. This gives a controlled flex between the
upper and lower hands–right where you want it for
reducing shoulder shock. The shafts are formed on a
precision mandrel with a compression process that
leaves a fine “sharkskin” texture on the surface. We
angle the edge of the sharkskin so your hand slides
down the shaft without resistance, but when you pull
up in a stroke the texture gives a firm grip. The grip
level can be adjusted with light sanding.
They are available in "100 Flex", "90 Flex", & "60 Flex"

100 Flex: Our most popular shaft, the 100 Flex
Carbon is our lightest, stiffest shaft. It tapers from 1"
at the handle end to 1.25" at the blade end. The first
6 inches of the handle end are not tapered to permit

90 Flex: If you like a little more flex in your paddle
shaft the Elite 90 Flex Carbon is for you. It's almost
as light as the 100 Flex. It also tapers from 1" at the
handle end to 1.25" at the blade end.

60 Flex: softest option for people out there who
need to take it easy on shoulders and arms.
The xTuf shafts are made on the same mandrel as our Elite shaft,
with the same compression technique and “sharkskin” finish, but
instead of 3K twill we use unidirectional carbon fiber. Unidirectional
carbon fiber is actually stronger than 3K twill, but it is only strong in
the direction the fibers lay.
The Ke Nalu Unidirectional shaft is wound on the mandrel on an
alternating bias so it offers resistance to bending and torque, but the
flex is
greater than our Elite 3K Twill 100Flex and 90Flex. This
flexibility allows you to feel of how the shaft stores, and then releases
your energy at the end of your stroke.
Top: "Maliko Downwind" paddle: Elite blade and xTuf shaft.
Next down:
xTuf shaft.
Next shaft:
Elite Flex 90 shaft.
Ergo-T handle.
Elite Paddle:  $375.00 Your choice of blade size, 100 Flex or 90 Flex shaft, hand grip, and comes with a Ke Nalu padded
blade cover.

Downwind Paddle: $335.00 Combines an Elite blade of your choice with an xTuf shaft and hand grip of your choice.
Comes with a Ke Nalu padded blade cover.

xTuf Paddle: $295.00  Your choice of xTuf blade size along with the xTuf shaft, and hand grip of your choice. Comes with a
Ke Nalu padded blade cover.
Hand grips come in 3 types, and are all light weight, 100 percent 3K Twill Carbon Fiber:
- ERGO: The Ergo handle is particularly comfortable and fits paddlers with mid- to large-sized hands.
- CLASSIC-T: The all-carbon Classic T handle is ideal for people who prefer the precise blade control of a wide classic
T               handle. The Classic T adds 1.5 inches to the overall paddle length.
- ERGO-T: The control of a T handle meets the comfort of ergonomic shaping.
- EXTENDED ERGO-T: An ergo-T handle with a longer shaft insert that gives 6 inches of adjustment, making your paddle
more versatile. Adds $20.00 over other choices.
Please call, or e-mail if you have any questions on these paddles, or any of the boards we carry.